Can you Rescue the Spirit of the Fringe?

The Spirit of the Fringe has gone into hiding! Following the cancellation of the 2020 Edinburgh Fringe, Isla Fallot hasn't been seen in weeks. Nicknamed the 'Spirit of the Fringe', Isla is an Edinburgh institution. As old as the Fringe itself and the current record holder for most shows attended, the Fringe just isn't the Fringe without Isla's big laugh and creative heart.

Isla Fallot was last seen nursing a Sauvignon Blanc and name-dropping celebrity pals in Bristo Square. Can you track her down and convince her to re-emerge for some alternative August entertainment? We've enlisted the help of some familiar fringe faces.

Creative caps and smarty pants on - let's go!

We suggest you read our FAQs before you start the game but all you’ll need to play is:

- A fully charged mobile phone
- Access to mobile data or Wi-Fi
- Access to Google Maps (if you aren’t familiar with Edinburgh)
- And your smarty pants on!

Click on sign up now to create an account and start playing today! It’s only £10 for teams of up to 4 players.

Once you’ve found Isla, your time will be uploaded to our online leaderboard!

Prizes will be given to our fastest teams and share your pictures and tag us
@gildedballoon & @padloxgames #fringesearchparty

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