Your Mission

Track down Isla Fallot in the speediest time possible

You Will Need

  • A fully charged phone
  • Access to Google Maps or similar if you are not familiar with Edinburgh
  • A mobile web browser with internet connection

Take Note

  • The game is designed to be played with your phone held in landscape mode
  • There are 12 linear puzzles. You can only progress to the next puzzle if you input the correct answer to the previous puzzle.
  • You can move back in the trail at any point although this should not be needed.
  • Every puzzle is solvable with a little perseverance – however hints will pop up if too many wrong answers are entered.
  • A grey screen with footprints indicates that you need to move to the next location – just follow the instructions.
  • Your game will be timed and your final time will be logged under your team name.
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